A VET has issued a warning urging pet owners to be vigilant when using glue around dogs.

The warning comes after Moris the German Shepherd required life-saving surgery after eating Gorilla Glue.

The dog had to be taken to Rutland House Referrals in St Helens for surgery after the substance expanded inside him and turned into a hardened mass.

The dog’s owners Ewa and Jrzegorz Spisak, their son Szymon and his partner Marija Stamkveic, from Blackburn, were alerted to the situation after they found the remnants of the glue packaging.

Ms Stamkveic said they knew something was wrong when Moris stopped eating.

She said: “He is a very lively young dog, who eats everything.

“Ewa and Jrzegorz thought the glue was out of reach, but he managed to get it and eat it.

“Within two days, he was off his food and we were all concerned.

“He is such a beautiful dog and there was no way we were going to let him die.”

Rutland House vet Dr Gemma Holloway said the glue had expanded Moris’s stomach to four times its original size.

She said: “Although Moris had been off his food, he was still bright and happy when he came to us.

“His family were alert to what had happened as they found the remnants of what he had eaten.

“He had also eaten a screw but that had passed out naturally.

“X-rays of his abdomen showed two dense masses within his stomach, the consistency of which was consistent with reports of Gorilla Glue ingestion.

“The Gorilla Glue absorbs fluid from around it, so expands in the dog’s stomach to up to four times the original size before it sets. The size of the glue mass meant surgery was the only way to remove it from Moris’s stomach.

“The mass of Gorilla Glue had the potential to cause obstruction which can be life threatening, but fortunately in Moris’ case the surgery went well and he made a full recovery.

“Dogs are tempted to eat Gorilla Glue because of its sweet taste. Our advice is that if your pet eats it to contact your vet straightaway.”

Moris was released from hospital two days after his operation and has recovered well at home with the care and love of his owners.

The glue manufacturer posted a statement on their website warning of the dangers of ingesting the Gorilla Glue.

It read: “Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane glue. All polyurethane glues foam when they come in contact with moisture and may cause gastrointestinal blockage if swallowed.

“This is not unique to Gorilla Glue, but true of all polyurethane glues.

“If you think there has been a case of ingesting the glue, seek medical or veterinary advice immediately.

“For this reason, polyurethane glues must be kept out of reach of children and animals.

“Polyurethane glues are harmful or fatal if swallowed. Store Gorilla Glue in a safe location.

For more information call 078447451880.