DOZENS of children sang in front of hundreds of people at a cathedral concert.

Around 200 children performed in a concert in front of an audience of 300 people who attended at Blackburn Cathedral.

The Hearts and Voices concert is a collaboration with Rossendale school choirs, 2nd Rossendale Scout Band and local opera singer, Sean Ruane who, over the last few months, delivered singing workshops to nine valley school choirs to prepare for the event.

Graham Helm, musical director of 2nd Rossendale Scout Band welcomed the packed Cathedral.

He said: “We developed this event as Sean and I believed that Children from all across Rossendale deserved the opportunity to perform at such a prestigious venue."

Sam Morris, fundraising manager at the hospice said:“The confidence the children will gain from this experience is invaluable and their amazing performance which wowed the whole cathedral."

The children helped to raise over £3500 for Rossendale Hospice.