A NEW group is to be formed to help arrange events for a new £2million town square.

More than 50 residents and town centre stakeholders attended a public meeting to give people their say on how the new Accrington town square should be used, for the first time.

Questions were asked about the new square, before people split into groups to discuss and record ideas for its use.

They also worked together to find ways to attract new visitors and draw in local residents.

Following the workshop, each group presented a number of ideas to the room and discussed their merits.

At the meeting around 25 people came forward and said they would like to be involved in helping to organise events in the new space.

Cllr Clare Cleary, cabinet member for Accrington Town Centre, said: “It’s clear there are many people who care passionately about Amazing Accrington.

“Over 50 people attended the meeting bursting with ideas about the types of events they’d like to see in the new town square, with 24 saying they’d like to be more involved, either by being a member of a steering group for events or helping to run an event.

“This is fabulous news.

“I’m looking forward to some fantastic events in the future.”

The concept of Accrington’s new town square began with an initial funding application back in 2012 and will be completed by the autumn.

The scheme will see the front of the Market Hall and Town Hall transformed to commemorate the sacrifice and bravery of the Accrington Pals.

It will also include the restoration of historic, retail and commercial buildings in the town centre.

The president of Hyndburn Chamber of Trade said he had been told by the council £50,000 will be made available by the council to help put on events on in the town’s new square.

The meeting was hosted by Hyndburn Council’s new business and marketing co-ordinator, Victoria Ingham.

Council bosses said they hoped the new square would do ‘great things’ for the town.

Cllr Cleary said: “The new town square will not only highlight our remarkable heritage, but will also act as a catalyst this town needs for reinvention.

“We have a great offering already, a Victorian Market Hall, independent boutique shops and amazing architecture.

“We can make this offer better with the help of passionate residents and businesses who want to see Accrington as a beautiful, vibrant destination town.”

People can still have their say on the town square plans by contacting Victoria Ingham on 01254 388111 or Victoria.ingham@hyndburnbc.gov.uk.