A 13-YEAR-OLD boy was rescued by fire crews after he got stuck in mud up to his knees.

Firefighters were called to reports of a teenager sinking in mud in a woodlands opposite the BP petrol station, in Bolton Road, Blackburn, just before 9am today.

The crew, who were at the scene for 30 minutes, used a long board and a first aid kit to release the teenager from the mud.

The young teenager was later passed into the care of paramedics.

A fire spokesman said: "The boy was really stuck in the mid and could not get out.

"We created a platform and helped him out.

"Our main concern was the temperature because it was freezing this morning and worried he might get hypothermia.

"He had a precautionary check and we left him in the care of the ambulance."

A North West Ambulance spokesman said the boy did not need to go to hospital.