MORE than three million black market cigarettes were discovered by police in a mill.

Six men appeared before Blackburn magistrates after 3.8 million cigarettes were discovered at Premier Mill, Begonia Street, Darwen, on Tuesday.

The magistrates heard the six men are accused of evading duty on the cigarettes which amounted to about £1 million.

Elis Michael Varey, 26, of Ribble Avenue, Darwen, Powel Szymanski, 33, of Cann Hall Road, London, Lukasz Swierz, 31, of Court Road, Uxbridge, Chetan Mawji, 36, of Chadbury Close, Bolton, Lukasz Miesysztew Adasiewicz, 31, of Abbey Close, Pinner, London, and Bartosz Duszak, 27, of Hodder Drive, Perivale, London, were all sent on bail to Preston Crown Court.

They will appear at the court on February 19.

Conditions of bail included residence, non-association with their co-defendants, reporting to the police three times a week and not entering the site.