By Melissa Hilton 

MEMORIES of Christmas are fading fast — but some festive decorations are still up in Blackburn town centre.

While families will have no doubt packed the tinsel and baubles away for another year, lights and mini Christmas trees can still be seen in the town centre.

For most people, Christmas is considered a time of tradition and celebration and millions of trees are put up every year.

Many people put them up a few days or a couple of weeks before the big day, others put their tree up on December 1.

Often Christmas trees are put up at the start of Advent which, depending on the calendar, could be several weeks before December 25.

Lots follow the 12 days of Christmas tradition, which would see the tree taken down on January 6 or in the evening of January 5 — to celebrate the arrival of the three wise men and the revelation of Jesus Christ.

It can be seen as bad luck to not follow the 12 days tradition.

But a few remaining Christmas decorations were spotted in Blackburn town centre today.

The Lancashire Telegraph spoke to town centre shoppers to see when they thought was the right time to take their Christmas decorations down.

Jordan Wright, 25, said: “I took mine down on December 31. My family all celebrate the 12 days of Christmas.

“I reckon the lights in Blackburn lift the mood a bit, after the New Year wears off, they lift everyone’s spirits.”

John Windess, 46, said: “I took my decorations down on Friday, as it was convenient for work.

“It's money isn’t it, work men might come and take the Blackburn lights down in time, but it is what it is, they’re not really good compared to other years either.”

Helen Geddies, 55, said: “I took mine down on Saturday, by habit.

“I didn’t even realise the town centre ones were still there because they’re not all lit up.

"I don’t mind them still being up.”

This year’s Christmas decorations included a large tree in the Cathedral Quarter, smaller Christmas trees attached to lamp posts as well as fairy lights wrapped around various trees.

A spokesman for Blackburn with Darwen Council said: “The features on lamp posts will be down by the end of the week.”