COUNCIL bosses have refused to rethink a decision on calls to introduce allocated parking spaces for large mobility scooters at a new bus station.

Brian Todd, chairman of Blackburn with Darwen Older Person’s Forum, previously raised concerns in April over there being no allocated spaces for large class three mobility scooters at the £5million Blackburn bus station development.

Since then, he has failed several times to persuade borough council bosses to allocate spaces which he would like to see at the white wall at the Church Street/Salford end of the building on Ainsworth Street.

He raised the issue as a public question at the Blackburn with Darwen borough Full Council Forum asking for a rethink.

Cllr Phil Riley, borough regeneration boss, twice refused to change the policy prohibiting storing the category three mobility scooters inside the bus station.

He said there were problems with safety, evacuation in case of emergency and insurance if the scooters were stolen or damaged.

Mr Todd said after the meeting: “This is unbelievable.

“I shall not give up.

“There is no reason for this view.

“Class three size mobility scooters are too large for the buses, unlike the class one and class two mobility scooters, so we therefore need somewhere to park at the bus station before we get on the buses.

“These vehicles are not dangerous unless in motion.

“I do not understand why the council is determined to discriminate against disabled and mobility impaired people who want to use the new £5m Blackburn bus station when they can leave the class three scooters at the smaller Accrington bus station.

“I will pursue this.

“I am like a dog with a bone I won’t give up will I get a satisfactory result.”

Cllr Riley said: “These scooters are like small cars and can used on the road.

“They are unsuitable for parking on the bus station because of their size and the possibility of obstructing other users and causing injury and causing problems in the case of and emergency evacuation.

“There is also the question of insurance if they are stolen or damaged.

“There are alternatives in the market’s covered shopmobility area until 5pm and on the motor- parking area at the side of the bus station.”

He rejected Mr Todd’s argument that parking outside would leave the scooters to wet to use if it rained saying: “Disable people who use them to go to the pub or visit a friend’s house presumably have covers in case of bad weather.”