A 38-YEAR-OLD man punched a custody detention officer through the hatch on his cell door.

Blackburn magistrates heard Terry Michael Richards had repeatedly activated his cell buzzer demanding to know where his heroin substitute medication was.

Richards, of Abel Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to assaulting Neil Jeffrey.

He was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison and ordered to pay £115 victim surcharge of release.

The court heard the offence put Richards in breach of a suspended prison sentence imposed in August.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Richards was demanding to know where his medication was and said he had been seen by the nurse.

"Mr Jeffrey said he would check the log and as he said that a fist came through the hatch and hit him on the side of the face," said Miss Allan.

Ben Leach, defending, said Richards was on his way to collect his methadone prescription when he was arrested by the police.

"He needed his medication and believed it should have been given to him because he was on a prescription," said Mr Leech. "On at least four occasions he rang the buzzer but felt he was being fobbed off."