A MOTHER took her own life after becoming depressed when her husband left, an inquest heard.

Nazia Hussain, 36, was discovered by family members hanged at her home in Burlington Street, Blackburn on Monday February 22 this year.


Blackburn coroner Michael Singleton heard police and paramedics were called and Mrs Hussain was given CPR before being taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital.

She passed away a few days later on February 25, the inquest was told.

Mr Singleton, sitting at Blackburn Enterprise Centre, heard family members told police that Mrs Hussain had been “unhappy since the breakdown of her marriage and that her husband had been toing and froing between her and another woman for the past two years”.

Mrs Hussain suffered from depression, had lost weight and was feeling generally stressed.

She had been “in a particularly low mood” in the last few days as her husband, taxi driver Basharat Hussain, had agreed for her eldest daughter Maryam to be married without consultation on a recent holiday to Pakistan, the inquest heard.

In the hours before her death Mrs Hussain had a telephone conversations with her husband when she asked him if he was coming back home.

When asked by senior coroner for Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Michael Singleton if it was his intention during the conversation that Mrs Hussain should take her own life Mr Hussain replied “no”.

Mr Hussain denied having relationships with other women.

A family member also told police that Mrs Hussain had mentioned to her about ‘“wanting to end it all”.

Shortly before her death she told teenage son Adam, “If I do anything stupid I’m sorry”, the inquest heard.

The cause of death was given as hypoxic brain injury due to asphyxia.

As Mr Singleton announced his verdict that Mrs Hussain had committed suicide family members reacted with fury with one shouting “murderer” at Mr Hussain.

Mr Singleton said: “I do not accept that Mrs Hussain was under any compulsion to act in the way she did.

“It is apparent to me that she was distressed in relation to the breakdown of her marriage and it was in that context that I am satisfied that Nazia Hussain intended by her actions to bring about her own demise.”