A BEDROOM blaze caused ‘significant damage’ when it took hold in a property in the Shadsworth area of Blackburn.

Firefighters were called to Arran Avenue at 3.45am on Sunday, after receiving reports that someone may be trapped inside.

Watch manager Lee Cook said: “When we arrived, we were met by a man who said there could have been people in the house.

“There were visible flames coming from an upstairs bedroom and we had to force access to the property.

“A subsequent search revealed there was nobody inside, but there was quite a significant fire in the bedroom. The damage was quite significant to the bedroom and the joist supporting the first floor had burned through.

“We evacuated an elderly lady from the property next door, but she was fine.

“At this moment, we believe the fire was possibly caused by an electrical fault and we have passed it on to the police for further investigation.”