A BEAUTY range inspired by Pendle’s dark history of witchcraft is to be fittingly launched on Halloween by a perfumery company.

Tibby Olivier, which is based at Backridge Farm, Waddington, created the new range in order to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the trial and execution of the Pendle witches.

In a case of more ‘treat’ than ‘trick’, the range includes a Witch Cream presented in a miniature cauldron and a perfume called 1612, created from essences oils, resins, barks and flowers.

Other Pendle Witch themed products include Black Hat bath oil, Black Cat soap and lavender wands, smells from which company director Julieann Parry lightheartedly claims ward off evil.

Julieann, said: “The trials of the Pendle witches in 1612 are among the most famous in English history, so we decided, what better time to launch our new shop with products which are made in the shadow of Pendle Hill?”

The witchery themed products will be available at the Backridge Shop from Wednesday, October 31.

Julieann said: “We hope that our range will appeal to local people proud of their Pendle witch heritage.

“And to the many tourists who visit the area each year, intrigued by its famed history.”

The Pendle witches’ legend tells of how the women used organic flora and fauna in their potions and lotions which were considered a danger to society. But Julieann said things have now changed.

“I can’t promise magic, but what I’m aiming for is a bewitching experience,” she said.