A 31-year-old Burnley man tried to set his dog on police officers who came to speak to him about an alleged offence.

Blackburn magistrates heard the dog, encouraged by its master, became aggressive as police struggled to arrest Scott Dumigan.

And they eventually had to drag him out of the house and shut the door behind, locking the animal inside.

Dumigan, of North Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to resisting a police officer and failing to surrender to bail.

He was fined £125 and ordered to pay £15 costs.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said when police arrived at his home Dumigan initially refused to let them in. They said if he didn’t open the door they would have to “put it through.”

“He eventually opened the door and was stood there with a large Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog,” said Miss Allan.

“Dumigan began shouting and swearing at the officers and when they told him he was under arrest began to resist.

“He shouted at his dog to “get them” and the animal became aggressive,” said Miss Allan.

“Even after they had dragged him out he continued to struggle and said he was going to batter the officer.”

David Leach, defending, said his client had not been charged with the matter the police arrested him for.

“He tried to persuade them he had done nothing wrong,” said Mr Leach.

“He should have gone with them but he was frustrated.

“As for encouraging the dog to attack he apologises to the officer but assures me there was never any prospect of it attacking anyone.”