CAMPAIGNERS battling to restore Burnley bus station’s electronic timetable are furious after being ‘snubbed’ at County Hall.

Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle joined protesters from the town’s branch of the Macular Degeneration Society to hand over a 2,000 name petition, opposing the switch-off for th e roof-mounted displays at the Croft Street interchange.

But they claim no-one — from environment director Jo Turton to cabinet member County Coun Tim Ashton — was prepared to meet them at the authority’s Preston HQ.

Olive Western, from Cliviger, representing the association, said: “We’ve already had our sight taken away from us — now it feels like they have taken away our voice.”

Mrs Western said that the association had around 40 members and three-quarters of them regularly used buses.

She told the Lancashire Telegraph that many found it difficult to read the printed timetables left at bus gates. And by the time passengers had consulted either the manager’s stand or information desk, buses had often departed.

Mr Birtwistle, who has co-ordinated the bus display petition, said: “We asked to speak to the executive director or the cabinet member and, even though they knew we were coming, no-one was prepared to see us.

“They have shown utter contempt for these ladies and they should be ashamed of themselves. The security staff eventually told us we would have to leave. We were snubbed.”

County transport officials announced earlier this year that turning off the bus information displays at Burnley, Nelson, Chorley, Lancaster and Skelmersdale would save £47,000 per year.

The authority has insisted that promoting alternatives such as phone and text services is prefereable to axing services.

County Coun Malcolm Barron, lead member for buses, said: “I am a little perplexed as to why Mr Birtwistle came to County Hall as he was told specifically on at least two occasions that whilst we would be happy for the petition to be brought, no one would be available to receive it.

“Unfortunately, he does not say how he would fund the cost of the electronic displays.

“It is very easy to increase expenditure but much harder to find the savings to fund it.”