VILLAGERS near Burnley fear a new access road for the redevelopment of a giant wind farm will be a “scar on the landscape”.

Residents are gearing up to object to plans by Scottish Power to site a track off Red Lees Road, in Overtown, near Cliviger.

Proposals have been approved to replace 24 turbines, each 49 metres high, at Coal Clough Wind Farm with eight 110-metre alternatives.

And experts acting on behalf of the energy giant say the most obvious route for transporting the large-scale equipment needed for the exercise is from Burnley along Red Lees Road, avoiding Mereclough.

But former mayor Coun David Heginbotham, who represents the Cliviger and Worsthorne ward, said that using another route along Foxstones Lane would have less impact on the countryside.

“It would not leave a scar on the landscape — this will have a major impact on a little place like Overtown,” said Coun Heginbotham.

“I know we have to have alternative energy supplies and that this has been given the go-ahead but there are going to be a tremendous amount of objections to this.”

But highways assessments by Arcus Renewable Energy Consulting, on behalf of Scottish Power, claim the proposed road is the best option.

Daniel Addis, an Arcus official, said in a report: “The studies concluded that due to the tight bends and close proximity of buildings to the road through the village of Mereclough, an alternative route would need to be provided for the turbine component delivery to site.”

Horse enthusiasts are also concerned about the potential loss of a bridleway crossing the application site.