A VILLAGE music festival will offer something for everyone next week, according to the organiser.

‘Tockholesbury’ takes place at The Royal Arms, Tockholes Road, on Saturday, July 21, from 2pm.

The free outdoor festival, featuring 15 bands from around the North West, has been jointly organised by events promoter Jamie Carter and Blackburn band Pigwitch, who will headline the festival.

Mr Carter, 33, of Malton Road, Blackburn, has previously organised events at 41 King Street, Blackburn, and Franky’s Bar, Darwen.

He said: “The idea came about from chatting with members of Pigwitch about doing a different kind of gig that wasn’t in the towns.

“Tockholes seemed a good place as it is a bit out of the way and there is a really nice backdrop with Darwen Tower.

“It is a bit like Glastonbury, hence the name, in that the festival has the rural setting.

“Although it is unofficial, I am led to believe there are a few people planning to camp up there.

“In terms of the music, we have tried to get a diverse line-up so there is plenty of different music to suit all ages.”

The festival will feature two stages, an outdoor and an indoor acoustic stage, and there will be a marquee if it rains.

Pigwitch singer Jake Lewis said: “We wanted to recreate the free festival feeling of the 60s and 70s, a real spectacle.

“The sad fact, though, is that Blackburn and Darwen used to have such a thriving live scene, which is how we all know each other, from being in local bands, and today there is no outlet for the very creative local people.

“That’s when our drummer Paddy aproached Jamie, and then Jamie contacted the landlady and so on.

“We thought we might try to reignite that spark of passion in our community.

“If we are wrong, then at least we put on a good gig and tried hard to make it special.”

The full line-up is, on the outdoor stage: Pigwitch, White Swallow, Falter, Today They Are Older, Man Called Horse, Cassini Club, Dan The Thief and Mucky Fingers; and on the acoustic stage:s Tin Bath Boy, Dead Romantics, Alex James Buckley, Tony Sharples, Chris Eaves, R.Y.A.N. and Barfly.