A BRAVE seven year-old girl struck down by an ‘extremely rare’ brain haemorrhage has ‘astounded’ doctors with an amazing recovery.

Charlotte Neve, from Trawden, suffered extensive brain damage and was left unable to speak or see after being taken ill in April.

But in just two months the determined Trawden Forest Primary School pupil has astonished medics at Leeds General Infirmary by learning how to walk, talk and even ride her bike again.

She has, however, been left with partial blindness in both eyes, is only able to concentrate for short periods and has severe memory loss. Charlotte has now been allowed to return home to mum Leila and sister Megan, 11, and has started back at school.

Speaking for the first time about her daughter’s ordeal, Leila said: “It is fantastic to have Charlotte home and for the three of us to be together again.

“Charlotte has been brilliant. She is so determined and has been very brave.

“The doctors have stopped trying to tell us what she should be able to do because she has amazed them so much.

“We are so lucky that she has suvived.

“From the scans they said she shouldn’t even be able to walk again, never mind doing everything that she is.

“When I told the surgeon that Charlotte rode her bike he was speechless.

“The results of her scans show extensive brain damage and now she doesn’t have a blood supply to a large area of her head. In essence, part of her brain is dead. Doctors have said that they have never come across a healthy seven-year-old who has had this happen and that they have seen fully grown men with a smaller bleed just drop down dead.”

Leila, Megan and her aunt Marieta Birt have all had their hair cut short in support of Charlotte, who had her hair chopped after having a drain put in the back of her skull.

The family has also set up a fundraising appeal called Lottie Loo's Get Well Wish, which aims to raise money for equipment to help her with her recovery.

Leila said: “Charlotte will be seen by doctors for life. They can’t predict how she will be and we will have regular appointments in Leeds and Manchester with specialists.

“We are going to need a lot of equipment as she gets older to ensure that she can be independent.

“Once she no longer needs the equipment we are going to lend it out to other local people who may benefit from it.”

Anyone wishing to donate can visit www.facebook. com/?ref=tn_tnmn #!/LottieLooAmnesty