A JOINER who took up magic just a year ago is planning to ‘trick’ his way around the world.

Carl Slattery, 27, has taken a ‘spell’ away from his job at Calico Homes, in Burnley, to indulge his passion for magic during a round-the-world trip with wife Vicky.

Always a fan of magicians, Carl became determined to give performing a go himself after witnessing the skills of fellow trickster Jason Rea, who displayed his close-up magic skills at the couple’s wedding celebration last year.

Carl said: “All the guests were captivated by the magic tricks Jason was doing during the reception.

“I became interested in having a go myself and Jason was kind enough to work with me, and I found I had an aptitude for it.

"He has mentored and supported me to the point that we have now done a few gigs together.”

Carl is ‘under no illusion’ about the hard work needed to become a magician.

“There’s a lot of practise, and you have to be dedicated.

“I suppose working with my hands in the building trade has helped as you have to have a lot of dexterity to do sleight of hand magic so close to the guests.”

In the past few weeks Carl has done a gig in Manchester, and at the Bolton Wanderers’ end-of- season player awards.

He also has a wedding booked for tomorrow.

He now hopes to use his skills to magical effect on his and Vicky’s big trip, which begins in January.

Carl said: “I’m taking a sabbatical from work and we’re travelling for a year,” he said.

“We’re spending some time in Australia and New Zealand, where I’ve established some bookings, so hopefully I’ll be able to improve my skills during the trip.”