A TEACHING assistant has been appointed as the 2012 Olympic Games French announcer for the football events.

Simon Beyries, who works in the language department at Westholme Independent School in Blackburn, said he was ecstatic to have been chosen.

The job was advertised on the Olympics official website and Simon was encouraged to apply by a colleague.

To apply for the well-paid role he had to fill out a job appliction form and record himself.

He was also interviewed by telephone in both English and French for the competitive role.

He was originally shortlisted to commentate on the sumo wrestling, but was later selected for the football events.

Simon will announce the names of the athletes, teams and medal winners.

He will also translate English instructions into French and announce these to the spectators.

Clare Saunders, language coordinator at the school, said: “He’s very excited about working with the Olympics because it’s such a momentous occasion.

“We think it’s fantastic that it’s putting languages on the map. This shows the girls the importance of languages.”

The events will take place at St James’ Park, Newcastle, from July 23 to August 4.

Simon said he was extremely excited at playing his part in the games.

He said: “Thanks to my language skills, I can enjoy one of my biggest passions, sport, even though I would have preferred to be participating as an athlete!”