THE Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles will travel together on a barge along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal while they are in Burnley.

The Royal party will travel from Finsley Gate wharf to Sandygate on the barge, and the public will be able to see them from some places on Finsley Gate Road and at Sandygate.

The trip was revealed as Burnley Council offered advice to people keen to see the Royals while they are in town on Wednesday.

From Sandygate the Queen, Duke and Prince Charles will head in to Slater’s Terrace, and there will be a large screen showing what is happening inside as the Queens meets people in the building and says a few words.

After that the Queen and Duke will travel into the town centre in the Royal car, led by a Gurkha band, and on to Turf Moor for lunch with chairman Barry Kilby.

Burnley FC will be setting aside part of the James Hargreaves Stand at Turf Moor as a viewing area for the public.

A council spokesman said: “Lower St James Street and St James Street, up to the Manchester Road junction, will be closed from 6am until mid afternoon for crowd barrier purposes but we will attempt to return these to normal as soon as the Royal party has passed through the town centre.

“We expect the visit to be very popular so it’s probably best to find a space at Sandygate Square around 9.30am.

"If you’re planning to go to the town centre you’ll probably need to be there from 10am.

“You could even watch the Royal party arrive at Slater Terrace by boat and then walk down Sandygate to the bottom of St James Street if you want to see them more than once.

“You should be at Turf Moor from noon or on Harry Potts Way at 2pm to wave the Royal couple off.”

Before the Royal party arrives there will be entertainment in the town centre between 10.35am and 11.35am featuring SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer.