A PREGNANT mum-of-nine said her family are all suffering ill health because of a damp and mouldy housing association home.

Iona Heaton, 43, partner Paul Brown, 45, and their children Kaiden, nine months, Zak, two, Keegan, three, Kian, four, Elle, six, Kain, seven, Jade, 16 and Shannon, 17, all share a four-bedroomed Twin Valley Home in Oozehead Lane, Blackburn.

Iona has another son, Sean, 24, who doesn’t live at home, and she is pregnant with baby number 10.

Since moving into the property seven years ago, she said the dining room floor has been constantly wet because of problems with a natural spring beneath, and five of the children share a double bed with her because their rooms are unsuitable.

She said: “Twin Valley come out, and out again, but nobody does anything about the spring underneath, or about the damp problem.

“All the kids have asthma now, and we’re constantly back and forth to the doctors for antibiotics.

“I have to have five children sleeping in my bedroom with me because their rooms are so freezing and damp.

“Me and my partner argue all the time because it’s so stressful living in a house like this.

“Because nothing gets done, I’ve asked to move, but they say we can’t because they haven’t got a house big enough for all of us.”

Iona shares her bed with Zak, Keegan, Kian and Elle, with Kaiden in a cot next to it. Kain sleep on the sofa with his dad Paul and Jade and Shannon share a room.

The family survive on metal polisher Paul’s £200 a week wage and total benefits of £575 a week.

Iona said: “I’m one of eight children and have always wanted a big family. I’ve told Paul we are stopping after this one, but he won’t have the snip so I’ll have to.

“My mum doesn’t speak to me because of all the children. If people don’t like it, then tough. That’s just their opinion.”

Ian Rumsam, head of pepairs at Twin Valley Homes, said: “Following an inspection this week, we have confirmed that the source of the problem is from a blocked drain in the privately rented property next door. As a goodwill gesture, to resolve the problem caused to our tenant, we have cleared the blocked drain and are tending to a blocked downspout at our tenant’s home.”