A NOTORIOUS prostitute who was the first to be given an ASBO in Blackburn has had the order extended.

Natasha Coker, 25, has already been jailed after numerous breaches of the conditions - originally imposed for soliciting in January 2010.

At Blackburn Magistrates’ Court on Friday, Coker, of no fixed address, had the ASBO extended for a further two years.

She is banned from the Bank Top area until January 2014.

Police presented ‘a catalogue’ of evidence to the court on how her behaviour in soliciting for sex on the streets has effected local residents.

The order bans her from streets including Montague Street, Freckleton Street, Canterbury Street, Harrison Street, the A674 Bank Top, Garden Street, Wensley Road and Oakenhurst Road.

Coker has appeared at court several times in the past two years for breaching her ASBO. She claimed a visit to the chemist in a restricted area was because he methadrone prescription had been messed up.

But she was also spotted approaching men on the edge of the restricted zone, before entering the red line district three times in five days in May 2010.

Sgt Kevin Jones from the Blackburn North West Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “We have tried to work with Coker but her refusal to engage with the support we have offered leaves us with no other option than to extend the length of the Order.

“If she continues this behaviour she will risk a custodial sentence and I hope she uses this as an opportunity to rehabilitate herself and get her life back on track.”

Lancashire Police launched an initiative in 2009 where educational courses were offered to both street sex workers and kerb crawlers on first arrest in Blackburn.

The course costs £75 for men and is free for women. It aims to raise awareness of the law around prostitution, the dangers, health risks and the impact of their behaviour on the community.