A SCHEME to stamp out rogue landlords in Accrington’s most deprived areas has been revived.

The Landlord Licensing Scheme was first called for in 2006 in response to long term empty properties, deteriorating buildings and nuisance tenants.

However Hyndburn Council hit numerous snags in trying to implement the project when a group of landlords had the scheme overturned.

The High Court ruled the plans for properties across the whole of four wards Peel, Barnfield, Central Accrington and Church, was too large to be effectively managed.

Now Hyndburn Council said the plans, aimed at tackling the area’s most run down streets have been redrafted.

Deputy leader Clare Pritchard, who oversees regeneration said a smaller scheme involving select parts of Peel, Barnfield, Central, Spring Hill, Church and Church Kirk now has the backing of landlords who have been consulted in advance.

However Hyndburn Landlords say they would still prefer to see some changes made before the scheme is rubber stamped. The areas covered by proposals will see landlords need to be licenced with the council to rent out their properties. The plans will now be subject to a period of public consultation before it is expected to be approved in the summer. Leader Miles Parkinson said: “The sooner we can have this implemented the better as it protects tenants and will provide a better quality of housing in the borough. I think the progress that has been made is promising.”

Coun Pritchard said: “We have really listened to landlords who are now part of a forum we consult with. The scheme as a whole is smaller, rather than covering entire wards, which was the main concern of landlords.”

However Hyndburn MP Graham Jones said: “I think its sad this scheme was ever watered down because I think it benefits good landlords too. I hope this scheme is eventually rolled out across the whole of Hyndburn because rogue landlords can appear anywhere”.

Paul Brown of Hyndburn Landlords said: “Hyndburn Council have only five members of staff which would oversee the issuing of 1,800 licences as it stands. We would rather they split this goal into two phases to make it realistically manageable.

“As it stands we feel they will have no time to pursue bad landlords, and will only regulate the good landlords who put themselves forward”.