A PRIZE-winning writer from Blackburn is celebrating publication of her first book.

A J Ashworth’s short story collection ‘Somewhere Else, or Even Here’ has just been published by top independent publisher Salt, after she won its prestigious Scott Prize earlier this year.

Andrea, a former Queen’s Park High School pupil, wrote most of the stories as part of an MA in writing at Sheffield Hallam University.

The 38-year-old said: ‘I tried to write for quite a few years but things only started to come together a little better a few years ago, after I took some distance learning courses.

‘Then I did the MA and the stories I wrote during that formed the bulk of the manuscript which went on to win the Salt competition.’ The former journalist said some of the stories were inspired by her home town, including one called ‘The Future Husband’ which is set in a museum with a mummy – inspired by Blackburn Museum and its Egyptian mummy.

The book is available from www.saltpublishing.com