“SICK” teenage vandals have been slammed for desecrating an historic family vault in Blackburn Cemetery.

Just before noon on Sunday, local historian Jayne Waring was at the site in Whalley New Road, Little Harwood, when she noticed a girl and a boy acting suspiciously around a monument to six people.

Ms Waring watched as they lifted a stone cover and moved it to one side.

She believes they intended to get inside before they were disturbed and ran off.

Blackburn Cemetery first opened in 1857 and is no longer used for new burials.

Ms Waring of Preston Street, Darwen, added: “It is shocking that these sorts of sick activities are occuring.”

Ms Waring described the culprits as a male and female both aged between 16 and 19.

Little Harwood Councillor Pat McFall said incidents of this type were ‘unheard of’ in the cemetery.

She said: “It’s disgusting that anyone should be disturbing things like that. Cemeteries are sacrosanct.

“Whoever has done this must be pretty strong to move the cover off a vault. I hope the police find them.”

Councillor Dave Smith, lead member for environmental improvements and sustainability, said: “This is an outrageous desecration of a family grave and is absolutely dispicable.

“The cemeteries aren’t playgrounds and should be places of rest.

“I praise the member of public who reported this incident and would encourage others to do the same thing if they see anything else.”

The plot carries the names of the Davies family, including Joseph Davies, who died in 1931 aged 67.

The police are aware of the damage and are investigating.