Most people who know me will be aware that I am a sceptic. I have serious doubts about the European Union, the Euro, man-made climate change, useless wind turbines, the way we use foreign aid and the way we presume to bestow democracy on other nations.

At the moment it is democracy, or the lack of it, which stirs me. The EU is a totally undemocratic monstrosity which is set upon making sure that we all toe the line whether we like it or not.

The unelected Eurocrats prefer the word referenda to referendum as they will only settle for one as long as we come up with the "correct result" at the first attempt. Ideally they prefer none at all hence their shock and despair at Greece, the cradle of democracy, daring to give the people a chance to agree to, or decline, years of austerity.

Looking on the bright side this current financial chaos might just be the light at the end of the tunnel as the EU begins to unravel. History shows that all Empires fail in the end and, in more recent times, the Yugoslav Federation and the Soviet Union both fell apart.

Real democracy is too valuable to be sidelined by the EU and the sooner we can get back to having our country run by a government which we can throw out when necessary the better. British voters threw out Gordon Brown and his crew and they can , if they wish, do the same to Cameron and Clegg at the next election but they cannot vote out the Eurocrats.

A referendum, if it went the right way, could give us back our democratic freedoms but the euro meltdown might do the job for us and it might even be quicker than waiting for any British Government to give us a referendum !

Meanwhile, thank you Gordon Brown for not taking us into the Euro when you could have done. You had to get something right !

Brian Gordon, Conservative Councillor,Meadowhead Ward.