ONE of Lancashire’s most haunted houses is set to open its doors to ghost hunters for the first time.

Judith Seery, of Turton Tower has met with a team of expert psychics and mediums about running a series of overnight tours in November and December.

She said: “It’s so scary at night. We have had a lot of ghostly incidents in here that have been seen by a range of visitors and staff.

“Once a woman on a tour was pushed in the face, and people say they have seen a lady on the front lawn.

“These sightings have been going on for about 40 years. Security guards who patrol at night say they have been over to to speak to a woman against a fence, but as they’ve got closer, she disappears.

“My 13-year-old son says he’s also seen a ghostly figure flying across the sitting room and he was really shocked by it.”

TV executives from the Most Haunted series were denied access last year over concerns that filming equipment would damage the grade II listed building.

Now Blackburn with Darwen Council, which owns the property, will decide on permission once experts have been to establish safety procedures and insurance.

Mrs Seery said: “The tours led by torchlight will run from midnight to 3am or 4am. They will be done in very small groups, so it will be a better atmosphere.

“It will hopefully raise the profile of the tower and help with fundraising efforts for maintenance.”

Parts of the tower date from 1420 when it was a simple pele tower, before being extended into a residence in the Tudor and early Stuart period.

More recently, it has been used as council offices and since 1974 as a museum and historic house.

The ghost hunting event is open to over-18s only.

No date for the tours have yet been set.

For more details call Judith on 07551 794283.