A BLACKBURN woman has launched a legal battle for the return of her toddler son who is being kept in Turkey by her estranged husband.

Anisa Khansia, 29, who lives in Little Harwood, was on holiday earlier this year at her son Amani’s grandparents when a bitter dispute over his custody began.

Amani is now with her ex-husband, Mehmet Baki Sakaraglu in Turkey and Anisa has been prevented from seeing or speaking to her son since she returned to the UK on July 27.

Miss Khansia, who works as a secretary, said every day she has been apart from her son has been 'a living hell'.

“It was Amani’s second birthday on September 6 and I heard nothing, not even a phone call or a picture,” she said.

“I went with around 20 friends to Witton Park and we released balloons to mark his absence. It broke my heart not having him there.

“Blackburn is his home, where he’s comfortable. He’s was just learning to talk and doesn’t speak any Turkish. I won’t rest until he’s back in my arms.”

Legal proceedings by Miss Khasia mean a Hague Convention case has now been set up.

Internationally recognised, the Hague Convention on Child Abduction regulates which country has the jurisdiction to decide where the child should live, namely the country where the child was habitually resident.

She added: “My application was accepted by both the Turkish and British authorities. My ex was given the chance to hand back Amani voluntarily but didn’t do. The next step is a court hearing in Turkey.”

But Mr Sakaraglu, who has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent under the stage name of Ali Baba, has spoken in Turkish newspapers, giving a different version of events.

He claims the Turkish authorities should review custody as Miss Khansia is not a fit parent.

Around 40 friends and family of Amani have organised a walk beginning at noon October 8 from Blackburn Town Hall to Darwen market and back.

The group will wear t-shirts with his picture on to raise awareness of his case.