THE legend of a ‘lucky’ dog is set to be put to the test by TV illusionist Derren Brown in Todmorden today.

Brown has been intrigued by the growing reputation of Victor, a statue dedicated to the four-legged friend of former mayor Albert Palmer, in the town’s Centre Vale Park.

Residents claim that patting the dog is a good omen, amid speculation a familly secured a lottery win after carrying out the ritual.

Broadcaster and journalist Dawn Porter has already been down to the park, as part of a Channel 4 series revolving around luck.

And now Brown, who has his own show on the channel, is making a beeline for Victor’s home, near the ruins of the former Centre Vale Mansion.

His publicist Anna Symons said: “Derren has been following and been inspired by the growing rumours that touching the dog statue in Centre Vale Park can make you lucky.

”Luck is something that has fascinated Derren for a long time and he wants to test these rumours that Todmorden is a lucky place.

“In order to do this he will be looking to create a massive luck test later in the week, which will be filmed.”

The dog’s likeness, 18-inches tall, stands next to the former family home of renowned social reformer John Fielden MP.

The statue's previous fate was not so lucky – he was only moved to his present home after vandals hurled him into the Rochdale Canal several years ago.