Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School students in Blackburn secured a 100 per cent pass rate in A-Level exams.

Overall, 35% of the A level subjects taken by QEGS students were awarded the top two grades, A* or A.

Headmaster Simon Corns said: “With a significantly higher number of students taking A levels at QEGS this year, the improvement in the top grades achieved, from 25% to 35% this year, is very gratifying indeed.

"I have no doubt that their achievements have been assisted greatly by the excellent pastoral care which underpins our teaching and which was highlighted in this year’s ISI inspection report.

“Nearly one in five of our students achieved straight A* or A grades in all their subjects."

Among the high achievers Lutfi Al-Nufoury, head of school last year, achieved the grades to study Medicine at Lincoln College, Oxford.

Mohammed-Ali Quraishi, who joined the school as the first recipient of the Liquid Plastics Scholarship, now known as the Stonehouse Orion Scholarship secured straight As.

Amanda Cave and Anna Mulcahy, both achieved all their subjects at the top two grades and secured their first-choice university place.

Lyndsey Wilkinson, the first winner of the Blakey Languages Scholarship, secured the grades to stusy Modern Languages and European Studies at Bath University.


S Ahmed bi C, ch C, cv B; A Akhter ch A*, ma A, fm B, ph A; L Al-Nufoury af A*, bi A, ch A; A Aswat bi E, ps C; R Atkinson bi A*, ch A, ma A*, fm B; C Barlow ec C, go C, pe D; S Bhojani bi C, ch C, pe B; O Birchall gg D, pe D; S Bootwala ch B, ma C, ps A*; C Brees bi A*, ch A, ph A*; C Burke dt/s D, ps E, re E; A Cave el A*, gg A*, hi A; M Cockett ch E, pe D; J Conboy bi A, ch A, la A; C Cookson ec A, ma C, ph C; A Dugdale ch A, ma A*, fm D, ph A; C Edge bi D, ph D, ps C; S Fenton af B, dt/s B, ge C; J Finch ec A, gs B, ma C, ph B; C Forshaw gs B, go A, hi B, re B; A Garner ec A, ma B, ph B; R Garner dr C, gg C, pe B; D Gavan cv C, gg C, pe B; O Gill gr A, hi A, la A, ma A; G Godfrey af A, re B, sp C; C Goorani-Nejad bi C, gs A*, gr C, hi B; D Graves ch A, ma A, fm B, ph A; J Griffith gg C, ps B, re B; T Grummett bi D, fr A, sp A; T Hallam ec A, en A, gg B; R Hughes ch A, ma A*, fm A, ph A*; F Huq bi A, ch A, ma A, ph A; F Hussain af A*, go B, hi B; I Hussain bi C, ch B, ma C; R Hussain bi C, ch B, ma A*, fm C; A Ibbotson af A, ma C, ps B; U Khan bi D, ch C, ph D; J Maidment go B, hi C, re A; E Mair dr C, en B, hi C; C Matthews bi C, ph D, pe B; A McCloy ch B, ma B, ph B; H Mohammed ch C, ec D, hi E; A Mulcahy bi A*, ma A*, ph A; D Murphy bi C, ch D, ps A; M Natha ec B, ma C, ps C; M Newman ch C, ec A, hi C; J Nightingale bi B, ch B, ma B; D Pickles bi B, ma A, fm C, ph B; M-A Quraishi bi A, ch A, ma A; R Raza bi D, ch C, ma C; G Riding dt/s B, ph C, re B; F Rokadiya ec A, hi A, ma A; J Ryden el A*, gg A*, hi A; T Sarodia ec B, ma A, sp C; N Seddon cv B, ps D, re C; B Sharman ge C, ma B, ph D; S Shimmin ch A, fr B, hi B; R Sumner cv B, dr C, gg D; J Sunderland-Bragg bi D, ch E, ge C; J Sweetland gg C, pe C; E Toft bi D, ch E, en B; L Wilkinson bi B, fr A, gr A; A Williams en B, gs B, gg C, hi C; C Woodruff af B, hi C, pe

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