My son recently acquired a book from a charity shop in Whitworth.

It was called 'Doctor At War' and was written by a doctor Ian Ferguson who in 1939 resided at Croft House, Whitworth.

The book is fascinating. It was printed in 1955. Dr Ferguson had an unusual war.

He started in the navy before almost being booted out as a troublemaker and then went into the army.

Later he was captured and spent time in various prison camps including Colditz before he managed to get himself repatriated shortly before the war's end as being mentally ill.

In the three years he was captive he tells a remarkably frank story of his fellow captives and captors.

I am completely bowled over by his account and wonder what happened to Dr Ferguson and his wife.

I am sure amongst the residents of Whitworth there are some with memories of this brave, no-nonsense Irish doctor.

Anne Wynne-Jones.