BLACKBURN MP Jack Straw has revealed that despite becoming a pensioner this month he has no plans to reduce his workload.

Mr Straw, who has represented the town for 32 years, said turning 65 was ‘very odd’.

But he said watching what he eats and a fitness regime, which includes regular spinning classes – a cycling exercise – had left him in good physical shape.

He said: “You are only as old as you feel. Things could change tomorrow, but I’ve been blessed with pretty high energy levels and health which has been not too bad.

“As long as that continues, I intend to continue what I am doing. I am certainly not ready to retire.

“I think my own situation makes the point of why it is sensible to extend the retirement age.”

Mr Straw celebrated his birthday on August 3 with a meal with wife Alice.

He will also be spending time with his children after returning from a break in Oxfordshire.

He said that he was very careful with his diet and eats a healthy breakfast of porridge every day.

Mr Straw is now an opposition back-bencher.

The former Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister said: “I have got a high metabolism, but I have to watch my weight.

"I go to the House of Commons gym once or twice a week and, in particular, I do spinning class-es, which are very tiring.”

He said that he now weighs 12 stone, one stone lighter than when he was Home Secretary.

But he said that one of his main exertions was now his gardening.