FED-UP residents have called for action after their area has become an ‘eyesore’ due to people dumping rubbish.

The Woodnook area of Accrington is regularly hit by fly-tippers with rubbish, including needles, strewn across the streets, according to locals.

And now the Woodnook Residents' Association has called on people to report fly-tippers to the authorities.

Brian Beston, from the association, said the area was also full of boarded-up empty houses since housing regeneration funding was axed halfway through renovation.

Regular clean-ups were carried out by the Accent Housing Group until the service was cut due to cost-cutting measures in February.

The housing group, which was the area’s neighbourhood management board, traditionally received thousands in national cash to spend on improvements.

Mr Beston said: “The area has been a target for fly-tippers for years but it has become much more noticeable since Accent left the area.

“People need to report fly-tipping to the council to get it cleared up, but this isn’t happening so it is building up into quite an eyesore.

“Some streets and back alleyways aren’t inhabited so it isn’t spotted. People are also becoming apathetic.

"They are so used to the area looking run down that they just walk past the most awful messes without batting an eyelid.

“I would just urge people to keep a watchful eye, and make sure you report fly-tipping so we can beat them before our community drowns in rubbish.”

Deputy leader of Hyndburn Council, and member of Accrington Town Centre Regeneration Board, Coun Clare Pritchard also urged people to report blights to the council.

She said: “I know that people are concerned about the empty houses in the area and we are in the process of discussing acquisition of the houses with the Government.

“We were expecting to hear back at the end of July but unfortunately this has now been put back until October, which we are very disappointed about.

“If residents are concerned about fly-tipping then they should get in contact with the council immediately and we will work to try and clean up the area.”

To report fly-tipping call 01254 388111.