AS oil and gas prices continue to soar, it becomes increasingly important that we maximise the use of renewable energy sources.

Harnessing wind and water power in an effective manner also makes real sense as it’s cleaner than oil and isn’t going to run out.

Also, because it is generated within the UK, there’s no danger of us being held to ransom by foreign governments for political reasons or because of financial greed.

In theory, then, the community hydro project planned for the weir on the River Calder at Whalley is a great idea which will generate about £80,000 worth of electricity a year.

However, fishery experts have expressed fears that the scheme could lead to flooding and drastically hit migrating fish so that ‘the river could die’.

They are urging residents to object to the plans.

Community hydro backers strongly dispute the worries. But both sides cannot be right. There needs to be a proper independent assessment of the effect the hydro will actually have on the waterway.

It would be ridiculous to approve a ‘green’ scheme if it is going to damage the ecology of the river.