Lancashire Telegraph review by Simone Yates from July 9 2011

Man Lee, Railway Road, Darwen, 01254 705056

Man Lee Chinese is a popular restaurant, but this week after picking my friend from the near-by train station, we decided to take advantage of their takeaway service.

The takeaway menu offered everything that the restaurant did although the dishes were at a reduced price.

To start I had hot and sour soup that was perfectly seasoned, with chicken, prawns and plenty of vegetables, a bit on the spicy side but it was just what I wanted.

My friend went for another popular soup dish, chicken and sweetcorn, that was just as nice although we thought that the portions could have been bigger.

Being a classy bird I decided to order chips with my chicken curry. You can’t beat mopping up the curry sauce with a fried potato, so what the heck.

The chicken was fresh accompanied by onions and water chestnuts and the sauce was equally as nice.

The second dish was sweet and sour chicken, but this time with boiled rice. Again, another popular Chinese dish that my friend was happy with, cooked with fresh peppers and onions and even though the chicken was fried, it was still tender enough.

The meal cost just over £20 and we were happy with the service, I was happy to pay knowing it was a decent Chinese takeaway.