A ‘DANGEROUS’ warning sign on a canal towpath could lead to a fatal accident, according to a pub landlord.

David Wilson, who runs an eatery in Eanam Wharf, Blackburn, claims that walkers and cyclists are having to swerve to miss a ‘hazardous’ sign on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal path.

Mr Wilson, whose Calypso Restaurant and Bar backs onto the canal, said: “The sign has extremely sharp edges and it is not secured properly which means it sticks out into the path.

“It could easily go through a child’s head or eye and I've seen people swerving to miss it and nearly going down the sheer drop into the canal.”

Bosses at British Waterways said they would be inspecting the area.

A spokesperson said: “This issue has only very recently been brought to our attention by Mr Wilson and we have not been made aware of any incidents or fatalities prior to this, therefore have not had the opportunity to look into this as yet.”