PARENTS are calling for action at a primary school which has been in special measures for more than a year.

This morning they staged a protest outside Earby Springfield Primary School to make headteacher Dawn Liversidge aware of their concerns.

Some parents have said they want Mrs Liversidge to leave her position at the Bailey Street school.

Springfield was placed in special measures following an Ofsted inspection in March last year.

Inspectors from the education watchdog returned in September and January, but failed to find sufficient improvements had been made.

Parents said Ofsted inspectors were due to return for a third monitoring visit today this afternoon.

Three of the parents are due to meet the inspectors.

Michelle Tennant, 35, who has children in reception and year two, said: “The head is a lovely person, really very nice, but she has no authority.

“We want the authorities to put somebody else in, somebody who is going to bring the school back up and make it an exciting place for children.

“The head has got to be replaced. As much as she is a nice lady, that is not going to give the children their education.”

Following the inspection in March last year, inspectors found pupils’ achievements were inadequate, teachers had low expectations and safeguarding systems were insufficient.

Then in January an inspector reported that ‘too little’ progress had been made.

Helen Halliwell, whose two sons are in years two and six, said: “I just want the school to improve by whatever means necessary.

“Personally I don’t want to see people lose their jobs, but I don’t think the head has the management skills required for the role.”

Mrs Liversidge said: "I am surprised by these concerns. I have an open-door policy and no-one has expressed such strong views to me.

"In fact, I can reassure parents that pupils at Springfield Primary are doing very well.

“Our provisional Year 6 SATs results in English and maths have exceeded our targets and are on track to be our best ever.

"We have a strong staff team now following a period of some instability and we are working very hard so that we can build on our achievements.

“I am confident that this will be reflected in our next Ofsted inspection.

"In the meantime I would urge parents to come and talk to me about any concerns they have and to throw their support behind the school."