DETECTIVES investigating a serious assault in Darwen say they are coming up against resistance from people in the town.

A 47-year-old chef suffered serious head injuries during the incident in the early hours of Sunday, June 5.

Police appealed for help in catching the man responsible for the 4am ‘mystery’ attack, but say they have now reached the stage where they are looking for ‘fresh, independent witnesses’.

Detective Sergeant Rob Anderson said: “We believe that this incident is between two strangers and that it is likely to have been caused by a minor incident.

"No real reason has been given so far.

“But there has been a lack of co-operation from some witnesses and the information we have is still incomplete.

“This man is not the man he was before. He had multiple fractures to his face and skull which in another situation could have easily caused a fatality.

“I would ask that anyone in the vicinity of the Golden Grill takeaway to search their conscience and come forward.

“Even if what they saw seems relatively small, it might be the missing piece of the jigsaw and lead to a successful prosecution.”

DS Anderson said he was pleased with those who had come forward, but that some had not been ‘completely co-operative’ with police.

The victim had left the Roxy Nightclub around 4am, walked to the takeaway, but then quickly left.

Police said he was ‘viciously attacked’ very soon afterwards and a combination of the blows and hitting his head on the floor left him bleeding heavily.

He was then seen staggering down the street.

He made it home, but was found in a bad way by his boss later that morning when he didn’t turn up for work.

Contact Police on 0845 1253545 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.