A FLEET driver trainer is offering East Lancashire businesses the chance to save thousands of pounds from their fuel bills.

In response to spiralling fuel costs, Paul Halton, who lives in Bacup, has set up an ‘eco-driving’ school which is the first of its kind in the county.

Mr Halton helps local firms cut the amount they spend on petrol and diesel by 20 per cent by improving drivers’ economy.

Mr Halton is a fully qualified driving instructor, fleet driver trainer and assessor, a ‘Gold’ advanced driver with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and an ambassador for road safety charity BRAKE.

He is offering his expertise to fleet managers, van drivers and company pool car drivers to teach them how to save fuel and drive safely.

The 37-year-old dad-of-four said: “Fuel prices are sky high in the UK at the moment and that is likely to continue for the forseeable future.

“Businesses are looking for more economical vehicles when in reality, they could save money with a more economical driving style.

“By taking one of my eco driving sessions, the average motorist doing 10,000 miles could save an average of £250 per year. That could be even greater for business drivers and fleet managers.”

The Lancashire Telegraph was given a taster course.

The first lap around East Lancashire was measured at getting 41.8mpg. After Pauls’ advice, including ‘forward planning’ on roads for junctions, obstructions and traffic and use of correct gears, the second lap was measured at 56.1mpg - a 36.5 per cent saving.

That would work out at almost another 150 miles for every full tank.

With the costs of running a business rising, Paul believes that his firm, Paul Halton School of motoring, can help East Lancashire’s commercial sector save a fortune.

He said his fleet driver training sessions will reduce several other motoring costs, including wear and tear, loss of productivity through accidents, insurance premiums, and fatigue and stress in drivers.