A TERRIFIED mum had to carry her disabled son out of their house after waking up to discover a fire in the back yard.

Sabina Hussain, 31, woke at around 5am yesterday to discover 10ft flames at the back of the house in Chapel Street, Brierfield.

Chapel Street, Brierfield

It is believed arsonists started the blaze. Sabina had to carry seven-year-old Hussnain, who is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair, out of the front door and wake up friend Abdul, 22, who was staying at the house.

She said: “I heard the noise outside of glass breaking and when I looked out the window I saw the flames. I was shocked and in panic. I had to carry Hussnain out.

"He sleeps in the back room and his window was open so it is a relief he didn’t inhale any smoke, it was very scary.”

Abdul called the fire brigade and ambulance after seeing the fire and next door neighbours, who had also woken up at the noise, called the fire service as well.

Police and fire investigators believe the blaze was started deliberately and are investigating any motivation for the attack.

Sabina said: “I don’t know why anyone would so something like this, it is sick.

"Everybody round here knows there is a disabled child that lives here.

"Everything in the back yard was destroyed, including carpets and the wheelie bins.

"There was glass in the outhouse which was breaking, it was a frightening noise.”

Crew manager Ed Hargreaves said the blaze was well alight with the roof of the outhouse fallen in.

He said: “It would have spread to the house and to next door if we hadn’t arrived.”