TWO girls who were part of a gang known as ‘Whitebirk Witches’ have today been given two-year ASBOs.

The court heard that some victims of Tori Duxbury, 15, and Amanda Holt, 16, of Monmouth Road, Whitebirk, rang police up to 30 times in a matter of weeks because of a campaign of harassment, stone throwing and abuse.

Tori even posted a letter through one resident’s door apologising promising not to repeat her behaviour, but then continue to cause misery.

The gang dubbed themselves the ‘Whitebirk Bitches’ and scrawled ‘WBB’ graffiti in the area, abusing PCSOs who tried to intervene.

Last month, Blackburn magistrates gave the girls interim Anti-Social Behaviour Orders ahead of today's full hearing.

The ASBO application was supported by the police and Twin Valley Homes, but opposed by the girls and Blackburn with Darwen Council’s Youth Offending Team.

Clare Knight, said her client Tori’s anti-social behaviour was due to her vulnerability at the time and said that a child protection was in place because of concerns over her friendships with older men.

Louise Cowen, for Amanda Holt, said her client had ‘bright prospects’ was hoping to take a sports diploma at college after a change in attitude at Blakewater College.

A number of residents were in court for the hearing, despite some fearing retribution.

District Judge Ward read evidence from one resident, Robert Bristow, that he used the light from his mobile phone to make a cup of tea so as not to let the girls know he was at home.

The ASBOs prevent the girls from entering an area of Whitebirk, except from when Duxbury is the company of her mother.

They are also banned from being outdoors in a public place in any area of the borough between 10pm and 5am until December 31.

They are not allowed to see each other or Caitlyn Dean, 15, Rebecca Jones, 16, Catherine Curbishley, 16, Arthur Koscilncki, 16, Paul Stafford, 18 and David Stafford, 16.

The ASBOs also state that they must not act or incite others to act in an anti-social manner, including being drunk and disorderly, abusive, swearing, making hand gestures and using threatening and racial language within the town.

The ASBOs will remain in place until June 29, 2013.

Anyone with information or concerns about anti-social behaviour can contact police on 0845 1 25 35 45.