ALMOST 200 homes and businesses in Nelson have been protected from flooding following the completion of a £2million scheme.

The Environment Agency’s flood alleviation scheme has reduced the risk of flooding to just over 190 properties near Walverden Water and Hendon Brook.

Launched in May 2010, the year-long project was completed in two stages.

The latest phase of the works, in Southfield Street, Brook Street, Netherfield Road, Sagar Street and Leeds Road, has included the raising of existing flood walls, repairs to channel walls and culverts, the removal of a redundant weir and sluice from the channel and the clearing of debris.

Local businesses directly affected by the works have contributed around £150,000 to the scheme.

Environment Agency project manager Eddie Goddard, said: “One in six properties in England and Wales is at risk of flooding.

“Our works have increased the capacity of the channel which carries Walverdern Water and reduced the risk of collapse of dilapidated structures which could block the channel and cause flooding. Where possible, we have removed sections of underground culvert so that the river is visible again for people to enjoy.”