A GRIEVING pensioner targeted by a clairvoyant scam has met with TV psychic Colin Fry.

Cecil Kershaw, 80, from Burnley, has been inundated with offers from spiritualist scammers and foreign lotteries claiming to be able to help him speak to his late wife Maureen, since he mistakenly answered one letter.

Mr Fry read about Cecil’s plight in the Lancashire Telegraph and invited him to see his show at Burnley Mechanics last week, plus a free psychic reading.

Cecil’s wife Maureen died aged 76 in September. He said he answered the first letter while he was still ‘vulnerable’ and because spiritualism was something Maureen believed in.

Cecil said: “My wife would have been really pleased about the meeting.

"Colin was her favourite TV personality. She would be glued to the TV watching his shows.

“We spoke about the letters I’ve been getting and he told me to just burn them.

“Then we moved on to talking about Maureen.

“I went in with an open mind and I think I enjoyed it.

“At first I wasn’t sure, but it was a good experience. It was emotional at times with personal messages from my wife.

“One or two of the things he said could apply to anyone, but once I’d had time to reflect on it, I thought it was genuine.”

Cecil said Colin brought him messages from his late wife about finally fixing the kitchen - he’s been putting in units and shelving - and thanking him for ‘staying with her until the end’.

Mr Fry said: “I really enjoyed meeting Cecil.

“He did indeed show me the letters he has been receiving. I gave him the same advice I would give to anyone - do not ever send money to these people.

“These people are not mediums, they are not spiritualists. They operate a ruthless and heartless con.

“It is better to visit your local spiritualist church or centre where they will not only put you in touch with a local reputable medium, but they will also offer support to anyone who is bereaved.”