THOUSANDS of East Lancashire people are anxiously awaiting news on their London 2012 Olympics ticket applications.

Applicants will find out by June 24 whether they have got any of the 6.6million tickets available.

Thousands of people across the area are thought to have applied, but East Lancashire sports clubs have given the event a lukewarm response with many blaming the cost of tickets.

While some local groups are holding out hope they will be represented at the games by local athletes, others have not even considered applying.

The ticketing system has been criticised by consumer group Which?. People can apply for multiple events - but organisers take out all the money before revealing which tickets you actually received.

National reports have claimed some wealthy people have spent tens of thousands of pounds in the hope of a prime seat.

There were 20million applications for the 6.6million tickets and a ballot will be carried out to decide who gets what. For the showpiece 100metres final alone there have been one million applications for 40,000 places.

A second round of sales will take place in late June, initially offering those who ended up with nothing from the ballots the first opportunity. Their money will then be refunded if they do not like any of the alternatives.

But this method has deterred many East Lancashire sports clubs.

Yaqoob Hussain, the coach and founder of Blackburn and Darwen Boxing Academy, said: "I think the system is about money; if you have the money you will apply for thousands of pounds worth in the hope that you get some.

“In these times though lots of people are making cutbacks and they will not have the same chance which is unfair."

Peter Booth, chairman of Clayton Harriers Athletics Club said “The nature of the application put me off: not knowing what tickets you're going to get and having to commit to possibly quite a bit of money.”

Andrew Brown, of Hyndburn-based Pioneer 79 swimming club, said: “If there are still tickets for swimming events nearer the time, then maybe we will look again. I think the process has put a lot of people off. You've got to apply and then wait and see how much money is taken from your account before you even know which tickets you've got."

Simon Holding, of Burnley Bobcats swimming club, said: "I think the tickets are very expensive, and the system makes it very difficult for those wanting to take a whole family to the events. I hope to pick some up at a later stage."

Ken Masser, chairman of Rossendale Basketball Club, said: “I’ve applied for five tickets and I do agree with the system whereby tickets are drawn out of a hat as such. I know quite a few people who have said that if they got all the tickets they applied for, they won't be able to afford them."

Burnley Basketball Club coach Guilio Minozzi said: “All the under 16s and under 18s have applied and tell me they have a one in 1,500 chance of being successful.

"Those who can't afford the £150 are looking at getting sponsored.

"It is a chance in a lifetime so we will help where we can.”