A TEENAGE girl hit with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order has appeared at court accused of breaching it less than four hours later.

Tori Duxbury, 15, of Monmouth Road, Blackburn, was given the interim order at Blackburn magistrates last Thursday, but is alleged to have been seen breaking the conditions by 7.45pm that same night.

Police said that a Police Community Support Officer and two local councillors had reported seeing Duxbury associating with two other youngsters who she is banned from being with.

Statements against her allege she was seen near the Old Bleachworks, in Whitebirk Road, on May 5.

Duxbury, part of a group dubbed the ‘Witches of Whitebirk’ by fed-up residents, was present with her mum and dad at a brief hearing yesterday and denied two alleged breaches.

She will face trial in July.

Chairman of the magistrates Steven Cope refused another application from Duxbury’s solicitor, Clare Knight, to restrict publicity.

And he warned Duxbury: “People are now going to be looking out for you.

“That’s one of the reasons for ASBOs being made.

“If neighbours see you doing something, or potentially breaching the ASBO, they are going to contact police and you will be back in court.

“If you keep your nose clean, hopefully you won’t spend any more time in custody.”

Last week Duxbury and her friend Amanda Holt, 16, also of Monmouth Road, were given interim ASBOs.

Police applied to the magistrates’ court for the orders following a catalogue of incidents involving intimidation, abuse and stone-throwing, which left one victim too scared to turn on his lights.

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