THE intimate surroundings of Darwen Library Theatre might seem an unlikely setting for a rock and roll celebration – but that’s exactly what The Alarm delivered last night.

By the first song we’d already had audience participation, by song two the hands were in the air and from the third song people were off their seats and never sat down again.

Lead singer Mike Peters remains one of rock’s great frontman.

He has battled ill health and spent a lot of time setting up his cancer charity, the Love, Hope Strength Foundation, but give him a stage and he’s still in his element.

The current The Sound and The Fury tour marks the band’s 30th anniversary and songs from every era were served up to a delighted crowd.

The big hair and attitude of the early Alarm may have been replaced with more sensible looks and knowing smiles but the energy remains.

As the temperature in the room rose, anthems such as 68 Guns and The Stand were belted out alongside the more contemplative Rain in the Summertime.

The band’s more recent offerings weren’t forgotten either including the ‘spoof’ single 45rpm which saw Mike Peters back in the charts.

A rousing encore included a cover of Knockin’ on Heavens Door and then it was over.

After thirty years the sound is as good as ever while the fury may have been tempered a little, there’s plenty of fight left in The Alarm.