A BRITISH National Party election candidate has provoked fury after making vile racist slurs on her Facebook page.

Nancy Shaw-Farmer, who is bidding to become a councillor in Roe Lee in Blackburn, has been described as ‘an absolute disgrace...living in the dark ages’ whose remarks ‘were bad, even by BNP standards’.

The 45-year-old former Clitheroe Grammar School pupil defended her comments, insisting people who found them offensive ‘didn’t have a sense of humour’ and refused to apologise.

But the BNP said it took the matter ‘very seriously’ and was investigating her remarks.

Posts by Ms Shaw-Farmer, who works as an Avon Sales leader and lives in Bastwell, on the social networking site included:

• 4 P***s in a car near where I work asked for directions to a junior school. Sent them in the wrong direction.

• the current government don’t want cannabis legalised as it would put too many P***s out of work. ha ha ha.

• Bungee jumping! £25 per person. Muslims and P***s free. No strings attached and free transport. ha ha ha.

• When Pakistan had its floods I said if I was out of England for whatever reason, I’d get back there pronto to help my country, no f****** P***s went back to help did they!

Meanwhile, another candidate, Robin Evans, who is standing in Shadsworth with Whitebirk, used Facebook to write a tribute to Adolf Hitler and praise former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, who is accused of war crimes.

Local elections take place across East Lancashire tomorrow. The BNP is putting forward three candidates in Blackburn with Darwen, but none in Hyndburn or Ribble Valley.

Blackburn MP Jack Straw said: “This is bad, even by the BNP’s standards. "I hope the decent people in Shadsworth and Whitebirk, and Roe Lee, will now think 20 times before voting for them.”

Blackburn with Darwen’s Liberal Democrat leader, councillor David Foster, said: “I am absolutely appalled that somebody who is standing for office is putting such appalling things in the public domain.

“We had a good demonstration the other week against the EDL’s demonstration that showed Blackburn rejected racism.”

Coun Michael Lee, Blackburn with Darwen’s Conservative leader, said: “You cannot believe the quality of people that this party will put forward as candidates.

“They are an absolute disgrace. Are they living in the dark ages? I despair.

“Hopefully the electorate will teach them the lesson they deserve and they will get no votes, and no seats like they did last time.”

Simon Cressy, of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight which uncovered some of the postings, said: "The people of Blackburn deserve better."

Salim Mulla, chair of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said the comments left him furious.

He said: “It makes me very, very angry that there are people of this nature who want to spread their hatred within the community.

"I think people like this shouldn't be even allowed to stand for any party, whether it is the BNP or another.

“I think they are a bunch of troublemakers and hooligans who want to cause friction in the community.

“I would appeal to all members of the community not to support them and not to work with them.”

Ms Shaw-Farmer, is pictured on Facebook with BNP leader and North West MEP Nick Griffin, who she describes as her ‘hero’.

She said Islam was ‘evil’ but insisted: “I am not an extremist, anyone who knows me would say I have a lot of Muslim friends.

“I really don’t mind the people that are here that have integrated in our society. "I can’t stand the violent extremists who burn our poppies and have no respect for our country.”

Asked whether Asian people would find her remarks offensive, she said: “If they have not got a sense of humour, then possibly.”

She added: “I am not apologising for anything on my personal page,” and later insisted: “My views are not necessarily those of the party.”

Mr Evans is the BNP’s Blackburn with Darwen organiser, and was formerly East Lancashire co-ordinator for the party.

He said: “Facebook is not my political battleground. It’s more like my own, private comments. "It’s not the BNP’s forum. It’s my forum if I want to wish Colonel Gaddafi or Adolf Hitler a happy birthday. People can read what they want into it.”

He added: “Everything I put on Facebook, of course I stand by it.”

BNP spokesman John Walker said: “The British National Party takes allegations of this nature very seriously.

“The party will be fully investigating this matter and until the outcome of that investigation it would be inappropriate to make further comment.”