AN amphetamine dealer who had a £1,500 ‘relatively pure’ haul stashed away in a garage in Barrowford had a ‘police-style’ asp baton in his car in case of trouble, a court heard.

Addict Wayne O’Gara, 26, also had naphyrone and ‘bubble’ to the tune of almost £600, as well as scales, snap-seal bags and £180 cash.

The defendant, who had cautions for drugs, worked as a commercial vehicle painter, but claimed he found his wages went on his expenses, his partner and child.

He said he turned to street selling in the Barrowford area to fund his own habit, Burnley Crown Court heard.

O’Gara, from Kingsley Street, Nelson, admitted possessing 74 grams of amphetamine with intent to supply, possessing naphyrone and mephedrone and possessing an offensive weapon, last July 29.

He was jailed for a year.

Martin Hackett, defending, said O’Gara did not have a long record and had never been to prison.

He was involved in relatively low-level drug dealing.

He had been taking amphetamine and the other drugs and had supplied amphetamine.

The barrister added: “He sold it to a number of associates, to people who he knew took the drug from his community in the Barrowford area.”