BREWERY Thwaites is launching a new logo - and it is missing the firm’s famous shire horses.

But bosses have insisted the animals, a part of Thwaites history for almost 200 years, remain key to the Blackburn company.

Thwaites is set to unveil eight new delivery lorries later this month ((MAY)) which will incorporate the horses into the design.

However, the company is tight-lipped on what form the horses will take on the fleet, which have been bought as part of a £750,000 investment.

The new logo, based on vintage designs, will soon appear on bottles of cask ales, in pubs and eventually on Thwaites’ Penny Street brewery.

Chief executive Rick Bailey said: “Let me be clear here - we love the horses and they will still be there.

“But we think the new logo is great and works really well.

“It stands out a bit more, with a lighter red, and it means we can be more consistent in how we communicate with the public.”

The new logo has been months in the making and replaces the horse-adorned design which has been used for much of the past decade.

It is strikingly similar to one used by the firm in the late 19th century.

The logo is set to be launched on labels of the firm’s IPA and on bottles of Old Dan, a new 7.4 per cent ABV ale.

The design will also be on the new vehicles, which are based at Thwaites’ distribution centre on Blackburn’s Shadsworth business park.

Bosses have spent £750,000 on the lorries and a new cold store, set to keep the firm’s cask ales at the ideal temperature.

Meanwhile, Mr Bailey has stressed that Thwaites’ shire horses, which live at stables in Blackburn, will continue to be used to promote the company.