VISITORS to Towneley Park who have mobility problems can take advantage of two new scooters.

The mobility scooters have been secured by the Friends of Towneley Park group, one bought after they raised £1,600 and the other donated to them by a local family.

The motorised scooters will give people who usually struggle to get around the park a chance to explore the 180 hectares.

Maureen Frankland, chair of the Friends of Towneley Park, said: “The scooters have been available over the Easter weekend and have proved really popular.

“It gives people who have problems getting around or need a wheelchair the chance to explore the park.

“It can be hard work pushing a wheelchair around the park so this would be a lot easier.”

One of the scooters is able to travel all around the park, while the other one can only go around Towneley Hall.

Mrs Frankland said that the scooters would enable more families to visit Towneley Park.

She said: “We had a few families over the weekend who were delighted to be able to use a scooter.

“One group had four generations of family and the great granddad normally struggles to get around, so the scooter was a massive relief for them and really improved their experience of the park.

“We are going to see how popular the scooters are but we hope to raise enough to buy at least one more scooter.”

The scooters are available for hire while the shop is open, which is from 12pm to 5pm every day except Friday. A copy of some ID is needed to hire one.