LABOUR will be trying to consolidate its position in charge of Blackburn with Darwen on May 5.

Two councillors, For Darwen's Trevor Maxfield and Tony Meleady, resigned from the former ruling coalition in September, dealing a fatal blow to the administration, allowing Labour to re-seize control.

Coun Maxfield has since joined Labour, giving it 32 of the 64 seats, enough to regain control at an extraordinary council meeting.

The Tories have 19, the Lib Dems nine and For Darwen three, with one independent, Coun Meleady.

This means the coalition that ran the council between 2007 and 2010 could muster a total of 31 seats.

With Labour defending 11 seats, to the Tories' six and Lib Dems' three, the ruling group has a fight on to gain an overall majority.

Council leader Kate Hollern is up for election, as is Michael Lee, the Conservative leader, and Tony Melia, whose For Darwen Party helped unseat Labour four years ago.


Ali Saadat Conservative
Yusuf Jan-Virmani Labour.


Saj Ali Liberal Democrat
Iftikhar Hussain Labour
Naseer Sajid Conservative.

Beardwood with Lammack

Michael John Lee Conservative
Salim Lorgat Liberal Democrat
Ashley Richard Whalley Labour.

Corporation Park

Julie M Daley Conservative
Arshid Mahmood Labour.


Andrew Baker Conservative
Mark Davies Liberal Democrat
Trevor Maxfield Labour
Stephen PotterFor Darwen.


Maureen Bateson Labour
Lee Andrew Black Conservative.


Katie Louise Haworth Labour
Jacquie Slater Conservative.

Higher Croft

Darren W Jeal British National Party
Michael Christopher Johnson Labour
Paul D Marrow Conservative.

Little Harwood

Atash Shaikh Liberal Democrat
Mohamed Sidat Conservative
Naushad Surve Labour.

Livesey with Pleasington

Jamie Groves Labour
Derek James Hardman Conservative.

Marsh House

Heather Ashurst For Darwen
Frank Connor Labour
Simon Huggill Liberal Democrat
Neil Andrew Slater Conservative.


Alan Howard Barry Conservative
Carl Peter Nuttall Labour.

Mill Hill

Alan Dean Liberal Democrat
Des Lovett Conservative
Damian Talbot Labour.

North Turton with Tockholes

Bernadette Gaynor Oxley Labour
Jean Valerie Rigby Conservative.

Queen's Park

Faraz Ali Liberal Democrat
Imtiaz Ali Conservative
Mustafa Ali Desai Labour.

Roe Lee

Maureen McGarvey Conservative
Phil Riley Labour
Nancy Shaw-Farmer British National Party.

Shadsworth with Whitebirk

Robin James Evans British National Party
Edward Merriman Conservative
Jim Shorrock Labour.

Shear Brow

Maryam Batan Conservative
Hanif Khonat Labour
Muntazir Patel Liberal Democrat.


Roy Peter Davies Liberal Democrat
Tom Huw Evans Labour
Wilf HelliwellFor Darwen.


John East Liberal Democrat
Gary Alan Mayer Conservative
Tony MeliaFor Darwen
Brian Taylor Labour.

Wensley Fold

Lorraine Chesterton Conservative
Waseem Hassan Liberal Democrat
Kate Hollern Labour.